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SISSA в Триесте объявляет трехленюю программу для пост–доков

Международный математический центр SISSA в Триесте объявляет трехленюю программу для пост–доков

Dear Colleague,

It is a pleasure to inform you about this special post–doctoral program in

Mathematics: the SISSA Mathematical Fellowships.


SISSA Mathematical Fellowships are 3–years post–doctoral positions for promising

early stage researchers in Mathematics. The SISSA Mathematical fellowships are not

restricted to a specific research theme, but are intended to give to promising,

highly qualified, early stage researchers the opportunity to independently pursue

their own research and to enlarge their research profile by interacting with

top–leading scientists.

SISSA provides an international multidisciplinary research environment with several

research level courses and seminars. The successful candidates will benefit from the

interaction with SISSA faculties and students, and with the several scientists

visiting SISSA every year. Starting from 2018 there will be a yearly call for two

fellowships. Positions will customary start in October, but different arrangements

will be possible.

The appointments will last up to three years and will be provided with a competitive

salary together with a research grant that can be autonomously used by the post–doc

in order to independently pursue her/his own research. Teaching research level

courses will also be possible, but there is no obligation.

Fellowships will usually start in October, but different arrangements are possible.


Candidates are supposed to show research independence and a promising research

profile. The PhD title is not needed in order to apply but it should be obtained

before the beginning of the position.

The application shall include a CV and a research statement also stressing possible

interaction with SISSA faculties. At least two reference letters shall also be


Call is now open:


The application process starts by registering at the page


Deadline is 20.01.2020 at 13.00

Should you have any queries or require any further information, please do not

hesitate to contact assegniricerca@sissa.it

We are looking for motived young researchers and would be grateful if you could

circulate the information.

With my best regards,

Gianni Dal Maso


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