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10 Neurotechnologies About to Transform Brain Enhancement and Brain Health

By: Alvaro Fernandez

30,000+ scientists and professionals gathered for the annual Society for Neuroscience conference in Chicago last month, proving the growing interest and activities to better understand the inner workings of the human brain, and to discover ways and technologies to enhance its health and performance.

Now, which of all those ongoing efforts are closer to touching our lives, to empower consumers, patients and health professionals?

To answer that question, we recently examined the worldwide landscape of Pervasive Neurotechnology patents, given that investment in intellectual property is a crucial signal in the life-cycle of technology commercialization. We paid extra attention to neurotechnologies which, being digital, are scalable and relatively inexpensive, and that, being non-invasive, pose few if any negative side-effects (the main exception to this rule being #10 below, which is why we place it last).

Through our year-long analysis of thousands of patents, we uncovered ten innovative brain health and brain enhancement systems on the cutting edge, that, in our estimation, are likely to go mainstream over the next few years.

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